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I'm The Porn Nerd and these are my nasty amateur girls! I'm just an "average" guy yet I figured out how to get sexy ordinary girls and MILFs to pose naked (and even fuck me) on camera. Maybe it's the kink of being filmed but all the girls love The Porn Nerd and you will, too. Why? Because this is 100% homemade fun! No pros, nothing fake, and it's all filmed for your pleasure. Heck, I'm just like you, just an everyday person, so if I can do it YOU can do it too! Watch all my XXX Adventures when you JOIN and learn the details about these exclusive amateurs. See you inside!
See all these amateur girls surrounding me? They're all first-timers! That's right, NONE of these girls and MILFs have ever appeared on camera before they met me, The Porn Nerd.

So why did they agree to get naked, masturbate, give me a blowjob and then get fucked, right on video? It wasn't for the money because none of these girls were paid actors.

I like to think it's because of my "Porn Nerd charm" but it's probably because they have a kink for being filmed...
When you Become a Member you can read each Porn Nerd Girl's real-life story. Discovering who these girls and MILFs are, and why they agreed to do this, is part of the fun!

Believe me, I've had some kinky XXX adventures! Like the MILF who wanted to "test me out" by giving me a blowjob before she brought over her daughter to fuck The Porn Nerd (I passed the test)!

So I hope to see you inside where all the fun happens!
- The Porn Nerd
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